Machining Services

Contact us today to learn more about how Custom Machine and Design’s dedicated team can help with your contract manufacturing project or other machining services you may need.


By offering surface finishing, wet painting, powder coating, and additional finishing options, Custom Machine and Design provides a turn-key comprehensive package of services that lower your cost and reduce your lead time. And, if we can’t do it ourselves, we guarantee the quality of our own Approved Vendors for services ranging from Anodizing to Zinc. Why not get your job done with a single purchase order? Contact us today to learn more about our finishing services available.


Custom Machine and Design’s trained welders have over 30 years of metal fabrication experience with different materials and processes. In-house capabilities include shielded metal arc welding (MIG), gas tungsten welding (TIG), and spot welding. In addition, we also are skilled in both brazing and soldering metals. Our welders are all AWS certified to handle a wide range of welding tasks. Contact us today for a quote on metal fabrication services.

MIL-SPEC Finishes

Custom Machine and Design can finish your products to MIL-SPEC standards ranging from chemical conversion coating to CARC painting and MIL-STD-30 part marking. Send us your requirements and let us give you a competitive quote for our Finishing Services.


Custom Machine and Design specialize in producing complex parts in small to medium quantities. Our machining options will fit almost any machining need. From CNC machining to manual milling to turning, our experienced Machinists will use the right method for your project. We can easily hold tolerances as close as .0005.”

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Custom Machine and Design has both 4-axis CNC and manual milling machines at its disposal, depending upon the quantity and complexity of the job. Our skilled machinists are craftsmen who can turn around small jobs quickly and accurately. The average years of experience of our machinists is over 25 years.


Custom Machine and Design specialize in producing complex parts in small to medium quantities. Our experienced CNC Machinists utilize the latest in programming and hardware capabilities to produce your parts quickly, efficiently, and right the first time.


Custom Machine and Design has an assortment of manual lathes with travel up to 110” long and swings up to 26”. Contact us to discuss your particular turning requirements.

Laser Cutting

Our Trumpf laser offers precision laser cutting of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel and sets the standard for accuracy and quality. With our laser, we can easily cut features with accuracy within .002”. The final quality of a  laser-cut part is affected by the skill of the operator, and Custom Machine and Design’s operators are the best available.

Metal Fabrication

Custom Machine and Design has the capability to handle a wide variety of metal fabrication projects. Whether your project calls for Shearing, Rolling, Bending, Punching, Notching, Laser-cutting, or Welding, we have the tools and experience to transform your prints into the finished parts you need. Let our experienced metal fabrication staff assist you in providing your customers with the quality they demand at a price you can afford. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.


At Custom Machine and Design, we can not only make your parts but we can also perform the work of putting them together into a complete assembly, saving you time and money. Our value-added services and 100% customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand, so next time avoid additional scheduling and quality headaches and include assembly along with your next project.

From Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining to assembly and finishing!

Custom Machine & Design is a one-stop shop for your entire contract manufacturing needs. Our Machining Services include: CNC Machining